Higher performance through inclusive experiences

D + I Is Your Competitive Advantage

Humans are diverse, we are all unique. We each bring to the table different thoughts and opinions; skills and experiences; beliefs and cultures; ideals and traditions. A Human Agency celebrates these differences, as we know that they bring a competitive advantage to your business. Evidence proves that inclusive organisations outperform homogenous companies.

Advances in technology and innovation are shaping the future of work meaning businesses and people are more interconnected than ever before and are no longer limited to local resources, clients and customers. Organisations and their leaders need to be globally savvy. D+I is not a buzz word, it is vital to the success and survival of your business!

A Human Agency will help you create diverse employee ecosystems that are fully supported, meaning that your employees will deliver their best!

Respecting and valuing inclusion and diversity is in A-HA’s DNA and underpins everything we do and who we are.

How We Do Diversity + Inclusion

Inclusion Audit + Analytics | Listening Sessions | Diversity Footprint | Behavioural Insights | Needs Analysis


Employee Experience Mapping | Re-designing Inclusion | Build Strategy and D + I Narrative | Change Plan


WGEA Reporting | Action Plan | Industry Roundtables | Thought Leadership | Keynote Speaking | Coaching



Redesigning Bias | Conscious Inclusion | Inclusive Leadership | Sponsorship | Bullying and Harassment


Mapping Workforce Needs | Re-designing Roles | Leveraging Technology | Changing Mindsets

Flexible Work