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As your business evolves and grows, good planning is the foundation for success.

There are three ways we map and align your organisational capabilities to help ensure you have the skills your business needs now and into the future.

1) Workforce planning

Ever wish you had a crystal ball and could look 12, 36, 60 months into the future to see what your workforce needs will be? Your people data can tell an interesting story about the past, present and future.

What is workforce planning?

Workforce planning is a continuous process for understanding our current and future demand for labour + the internal and external factors affecting supply.

Our team of experts extract more than just workforce data. We bring you workforce insights which emphasise the strategic alignment between what the data is telling you and understanding the impact on successful delivery of business strategy now and into the future.

Understanding and planning for sustainable workforce capability and delivery is a key business priority - particularly now when there is more pressure than ever before on businesses to adapt quickly to changing customer behaviours and external pressures such as supply chain challenges and an enduring global skills shortage.

For any industry facing constant innovation and technological change, strategic workforce planning is a complex but highly rewarding addition to your people plan.

Using A-HA’s Workforce Insights Dashboard we get up close to your people data to unpack these stories; and together test and learn key Workforce Insight about the challenges of today and opportunities tomorrow for your business.

A-HA’s Labour Supply + Labour Demand Assessment Templates guide you through the process of collating the information we need to develop Essential Workplace Insights. Which we then convert into a series of dynamic dashboards to help the business understand and interpret their workforce needs. which can be viewed at a company level or divisional level.

The key benefits of workforce planning are:

Analysing capability and capacity give you the flexibility to respond to customer driven demands while maintaining sustainable and efficient operations. Development of initiatives that address workforce demand and supply issuesAllows you to build internal capability through planning and development with a vision for your organisation to continue the conversations into the futureBuild a strategic approach to attracting, developing and retaining a suitable workforce and identifying critical skills gapsEnables understanding of the current diversity footprint of the business and ways to better leverage off the diverse talent available in different regions of operation to deliver on strategic workforce plans
Aligned to Talent Management and Succession Planning processes.Build targeted reward and retention strategiesFocus learning & development to build current and future capabilitiesBrings to life your EVP and cultureDevelop a diverse workforce and inclusive culture that drives high performance

Our services are designed to provide organizations with the necessary tools, resources, and support to create a more inclusive workplace environment that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion. Partner with us to drive positive change and plan your foundations of success.

2) Succession Planning

Complementary to workforce planning is succession planning. Succession planning is a strategic process that involves identifying and developing individuals within an organisation to ensure a smooth transition of leadership roles when key positions become vacant. Succession planning is also a key lever of exit planning through either sale or succession for founders who are wanting to exit the business plus maximise value for the sale process.

When people are the key to your businesses success you cannot afford not to have clarity of your talent pipeline, it’s stability, retention and replacement.

The key benefits of succession planning are:

Continuity of Leadership: Succession planning ensures that there is a pool of qualified and skilled individuals ready to step into leadership roles when needed. This helps maintain stability and continuity in organisational leadership.Minimising Disruptions: By having a well-thought-out succession plan in place, organisations can minimise disruptions caused by unexpected departures of key personnel. This is crucial for maintaining operations and productivity.Talent Development: Succession planning encourages the development of a talent pipeline. Organisations invest in the training and development of employees, ensuring they acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for future leadership roles.Employee Engagement and Motivation: Knowing that there are opportunities for advancement within the organisation motivates employees to invest in their professional development. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and higher levels of employee engagement.Reduction in Recruitment Costs: External recruitment for leadership positions can be costly and time-consuming. Succession planning can help organisations save on recruitment expenses by promoting from within.
Alignment with Strategic Goals: Succession planning is aligned with the long-term strategic goals of the organisation. It ensures that the leadership team is well-prepared to drive the company towards its objectives.Faster Transition Periods: Succession planning shortens the time it takes to fill key positions. When a planned successor is already identified and developed, the transition can be smoother and more efficient.Crisis Preparedness: Succession planning is a proactive measure that helps organisations be prepared for unexpected events such as sudden retirements, resignations, or other emergencies. Having a plan in place reduces the impact of such crises.Enhanced Organisational Stability: A well-executed succession plan contributes to the overall stability of the organisation. It ensures that leadership changes are managed seamlessly, preventing unnecessary disruptions and maintaining confidence among stakeholders.Improved Employee Morale: Knowing that the organisation values and invests in its employees' growth and development can boost morale. Employees are more likely to feel a sense of loyalty and commitment when they see opportunities for advancement.

Our services are designed to provide organisations with the necessary tools, resources, and support to create a more stable and prepared environment that improves morale, fosters talent and reduces recruitment costs. Partner with us to drive positive change and plan your workforce or succession today.

3) Business Restructuring + Growth

Whether it's through mergers & acquisitions or realignment of roles and responsibilities, business restructuring can be an essential process that helps your business evolve in response to a changing environment. It’s often a challenging, uncertain time, but with a plan aligned to your strategy, commitment to flexibility, and communication, you can unlock value and position your business for growth and return to profitability.

Our team of ER and HR specialists at A Human Agency have a wealth of experience in restructuring across different industries. It is never an easy process but we are renowned for having a ‘human’ centred process and make the process less onerous for the business.

Our top tips for a successful restructure are:

Avoid waiting too longConduct an honest assessmentReview your strategy and business modelAim to reduce complexityDetermine your core activities and processes
Realistically assess workloadsManage uncertainty and resistanceStay flexibleSeek expert advice

Our services are designed to provide organisations with the necessary tools, resources, and support to restructure and grow a business with an environment that improves morale, fosters talent and reduces recruitment costs. Partner with us to drive positive change and plan your business restructure today.

Clients we helped with this service

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Guidance to enhance HR processes and effectively support team growth and performance.

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