Investigation & Mediation

We know things don’t always go to plan. When they don’t, support is key.

Employers must support any employee who has experienced inappropriate behaviour; plus you may need support to manage the grievance in an effective, independent way. That’s when we are your support.

Conflict is an all too common occurrence in the workplace.

Whether between individuals or teams, our skilled facilitators can help resolve disputes in a confidential and sensitive manner, helping teams push through conflict and reunite around a common purpose.

A-HA are unique in our approach as we know how to balance both resolving the source of the conflict plus rebuilding trust, communication and positive workplace behaviours.

The impact that poor performance, toxic workplace culture & behaviours & conflicts in the workplace can have on individual & team engagement and subsequently business outcomes can be costly!

10 Benefits of working with A-HA when you need to conduct an Investigation or Mediation in your organisation:

Objectivity: An independent investigator is not directly tied to your organisation or the individuals involved in the grievance. This impartiality can lead to a more unbiased and fair investigation.Credibility: The findings of an independent investigator may carry more weight, as they are perceived as neutral and unbiased. This can enhance the credibility of the investigation process and the outcomes.Expertise: Independent investigators often have specialised knowledge and expertise in employment law, HR practices, or dispute resolution. Their experience can ensure a thorough and well-informed investigation.Reduced Bias and Conflict of Interest: By avoiding internal personnel, an independent investigator helps minimise conflicts of interest and reduces the likelihood of bias in the investigation. This can lead to more accurate and trustworthy results that better stand up to scrutiny should the matter get contentious.Employee Confidence: Employees may feel more confident in the fairness of the process if an independent investigator is involved. We have often witnessed higher trust and openness when employees are sharing their experience with an external person who has no pre-existing views about the people or politics involved.
Legal Compliance: Our independent investigators are well-versed in relevant employment laws and regulations, ensuring that the investigation process is conducted in compliance with legal requirements. We are also HR specialists and practitioners and bring it all together in a unique skill set for everyone’s benefit.Risk Mitigation: Using an independent investigator can help mitigate legal and reputational risks for the organisation. A thorough and impartial investigation can prevent potential lawsuits and damage to the organisation's reputation.Timeliness: Independent investigators can often complete investigations more efficiently as they are not affected by internal organisational politics or competing priorities. It’s our job so we focus on conducting a thorough and timely investigation not just fitting it in around our BAU. We know firsthand that long drawn out processes are harmful to both confidence and morale and can do more damage than good.Focus on Resolution and Rebuild: An independent investigator is typically focused on finding a resolution to the workplace grievance rather than protecting internal interests. This can contribute to a more effective and efficient resolution process. Rebuilding a way forward and acting on the lessons learnt is part of our goal.Professionalism: Independent investigators are trained professionals who understand the importance of confidentiality, privacy, and maintaining a professional demeanour throughout the investigation process.

Our services are designed to provide organisations with the necessary tools, resources, and support to conduct mediation and investigations with sensitivity and confidentiality. Partner with us to drive positive change in your organisation through the skilled facilitation of investigations and mediation.

A-HA’s services in this area include:

Workplace Investigations, conducted by trained legal professionals Workplace Mediation and facilitated meetingsWorkplace Review
Training + development - grievance handling / CO / handling difficult conversations / bystanderPost-conflict coaching and mentoringCode of conduct panels/Review of Actions for public sector clientsPost-conflict coaching and mentoring

Workplace Investigations

Our team of legally and HR qualified experts will conduct an independent, impartial investigation taking an outside-in view of the whole situation without being influenced by any internal dynamics.

  • Time and cost effective way to boost your internal capability
  • Deliver a fair and equitable outcome to all people involved
  • Increase trust in the outcome and reduce potential for bias.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation and facilitated conversations are a useful way for your employees to talk through and solve problems they might be having at work, and it helps them rebuild positive working relationships.

  • Resolve conflict before it escalates into potentially unlawful behaviours
  • Through open dialogue and active listening, individuals gain insights into each other's perspectives, building empathy and trust.
  • Avoid costly and lengthy legal proceedings which can have an uncertain outcome

Workplace Review

Workplace conflict is often a red flag for something brewing below the surface. Identifying the cause empowers you to rebuild the desired culture. Using our customised listening session methodology our workplace review team will:

  • Uncover hidden poor behaviours or team dysfunction
  • Identify systemic problems fuelling frustration
  • Identify potential hotspots with recommendations for resolution and rebuilding culture

Training & Development

Our experts share their knowledge and capability with your people via in-house customised training & development programs for employees at all levels, covering issues such as.

  • Appropriate Workplace Behaviours.
  • Resolving conflict and handling difficult conversations
  • Contact officer and investigation handling superskills

Coaching + Mentoring

Following any investigation or conflict post-event support is key. We provide coaching and mentoring for your people leaders to:

  • Distil insights and lessons learnt and set and prioritize goals, providing guidance on creating actionable plans
  • Equip leaders with tools to adapt to change and bounce back from setbacks
  • Hone their emotional intelligence, enabling leaders to navigate and understand their own emotions as well as those of their team members. This leads to better relationship management and team dynamics.

Code of conduct panels/Review of Actions

State and local government policies require code of conduct and actions reviews. Our team are skilled at:

  • Conducting code of conduct reviews
  • Reviews of workplace decisions, and promotion reviews
  • Drafting defensible findings and reports that the agency can rely on in resolution of the complaint.

Clients we helped with this service

Hazelbrook Legal



Guidance to enhance HR processes and effectively support team growth and performance.

Swift Media



Supporting management with employee relations, risk mitigation and enhancing business performance.

Keysight Technologies



Translating and implementing Australian employment law and guidelines for a global tech giant.

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Confidential consultation

We offer an initial, confidential appointment tailored to address your questions and guide you in the right direction, whether you're embarking on a new HR journey or seeking expert advice and guidance on complex workplace issues.

This allows us to learn about your business goals and objectives; and for you to get to know our team and how we can support you to achieve those goals.

Our sessions are designed to:

  • understand your specific questions, covering your current situation, potential challenges in culture, behaviour, performance, diversity or inclusion, and any other concerns you may have.
  • Collaboratively assess your current landscape and outline actionable steps towards meaningful change, providing assurance and support along the way.
  • Most importantly establish a foundation for working together. We want you to feel confident that we are the right HR partner for you, because this is your business’ future you are about to invest in, so we need to get it right. 

We look forward to meeting you.


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