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Nov 07, 2018 news

Construction & Infrastructure Roundtable

by: Liz Darlington-Brown

Last Thursday, A Human Agency hosted our final Construction and Infrastructure Roundtable for 2018, where we explored the challenges of implementing flexible work for blue-collar employees, from various stakeholder perspectives. To unpack the topic, we had a fantastic panel of spea...

Aug 14, 2018 news

Kat Speaks to Acuity Magazine

by: Liz Darlington-Brown

Staff turnover is generally viewed as negative. However, Katriina Tahka Spoke with Acuity magazine, providing a new point of view explaining why this isn't always the case. "Turnover is something that companies should want more of, in the right places....We need to consid...

Jul 25, 2018 news

A-HA At Roads Australia’s Leadership on Diversity Forum: The Power Of Diverse Thinking In Action.

by: Liz Darlington-Brown

On Friday Jul 6th we had the opportunity and privilege to attend the Roads Australia Leadership on DiversityForum. An impressive line-up of thought leaders shared their unique perspectives on the positive aspects of increased diversity in business, but there was one thing that al...

Aug 10, 2017 news

In The Media: Why HR Needs To Be More Like Marketing (HRM Online)

by: Liz Darlington-Brown

A-HA! Co-CEO Simon Corcoran is interviewed by AHRI & HRM Online (June 2017) on "Why HR needs to be more like marketing" Full article at

Jul 21, 2017 news

Upcoming Event: Learn how to deal with a bully and detoxify the office

by: Liz Darlington-Brown

Do you work with a d**khead or have a bitchy boss? Does your workplace feel toxic?  Learn how to deal with a bully and detoxify the office at D*ckheads At Work, an expert panel-style event at the Belvoir Theatre on 19 Oct. Our co-CEO Katriina Tahka will join an expert discussi...

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