Welcome to the extraordinary realm of A Human Agency! We're not just your average HR aficionados; we're here to introduce a healthy dose of innovation, solutions, and preparedness into your business endeavours.

Get ready to embark on a journey as we unleash our unique style, inspired by the one and only Katriina Tahka.

We've cracked the code and discovered that HR can be an exhilarating, agile escapade. Bid farewell to the mundane and embrace a new era of HR that's as thrilling as a tightrope act and as captivating as a magic show, all while keeping your pockets happy.

Now, let me introduce you to our fantastic dream team, a group of HR virtuosos who are anything but ordinary.

They're the masters of change, blending compassion and expertise to create a symphony of success for your business. They speak the language of commerce, and their mission is to help you achieve performance nirvana.

We're not just passionate about humans; we're downright obsessed! With us by your side, we'll propel your business to greatness by placing your people at the heart of it all.

A Human Agency isn't your run-of-the-mill operation; we're a bona fide revolution in the HR industry. We think differently about common challenges.

Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of brilliance as we unleash our unparalleled people, products, practices, and insights. We serve up HR solutions that will leave you breathless, and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of your growing enterprise.

Our secret sauce lies in our flexibility, allowing you to scale your HR functions without draining your resources on unnecessary infrastructure or personnel.

Picture us as your trusty sidekicks on this epic adventure. We're like the mischievous genies of HR, granting your wishes with a playful twinkle in our eyes. Everything you've ever desired in HR is right here, tucked away in our enchanted treasure trove, and the best part? It won't cost you a king's ransom! So hang onto your HR hats and get ready to join us for a wild and whimsical ride. We're here to amaze and guide potential new clients like you through an HR odyssey unlike any other. Together, let's create a legendary tale of success for your business!

Tune Into Our Human Conversations Podcast

CEO of A Human Agency, Katriina Tahka will carry out honest and authentic conversations to question our current ways of thinking when it comes to Humans in the workplace.  The world is rapidly changing, and to progress towards an equal future, we need to be willing to stay curious, and be open to thinking differently to our current approach in Diversity, inclusion and equality.

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Human Resources Re-imagined

Let's dive into the fascinating world of human resources, where the true value lies in effectively managing your most valuable asset: your people. Across the entire employment life cycle, HR plays a pivotal role, and every organisation deserves exceptional HR support. However, the reality is that not all companies can or desire to shoulder the burdensome overheads of an in-house HR team.

Fear not, my friends, for A Human Agency is here to offer you a refreshingly different approach to HR.

Think of us as your trusted partners in the realm of outsourced HR. Our Flexible HR Solutions Team seamlessly becomes an extension of your own. Picture a team of extraordinary HR consultants, handpicked for their unparalleled expertise in every industry and specialty imaginable. From financial services to mining, property to legal, government to a multitude of other sectors, our team has got you covered.

Attracting and Recruiting The Right People For The Right Roles
Development and Succession Planning and Leadership Coaching
Predictable and Consistent Hiring and Onboarding Approach
Performance Reviews and Grievance Handling

Whether you're a small business seeking a monthly HR foundation builder or a large organisation in need of an injection of capabilities for a specific project, our team is primed and ready to join forces with you.

We thrive on collaboration, seamlessly integrating ourselves into your team as if we were born to be a part of it.

Our expertise extends to startups, growing businesses, large corporates hungry for specialised skills, and even multi-nationals entrusting us to oversee their Australian HR function.

With A Human Agency by your side, you can bid farewell to HR headaches and confidently embrace a new era of HR excellence.

Our mission is simple: to unleash the full potential of your workforce and empower you to achieve remarkable success. So, whether you need a pinch of HR magic or a full-fledged HR extravaganza, our team is here to make it happen. Let's embark on this incredible journey together, transforming your HR landscape into a masterpiece of performance and prosperity.

Case Studies: Unpacking Our Client Achievements

"We have worked with A-HA for over 3 years and they have been instrumental in ensuring our compliance with legislation on all matters of HR.

They have also been extremely helpful in assisting us as we grew from a small company of 9 to the 75 strong today with advice and support along the way".

- Orlagh Byram, Business Manager

Unlocking your HR Potential

The Magic of Our Virtual Human Resources Department

A Human Agency is where the possibilities of HR excellence are limitless! We're here to ensure you achieve nothing short of your best results, and we do it all through our unrivalled knowledge and experience in the virtual HR world.

Now, here's the best part that is coming your way: with us, you're in full control! You get to call the shots on how and when our team swoops in to lend a helping hand. It's a tailor-made experience designed to fit your unique needs like a perfectly crafted puzzle piece. Whether you're seeking a pinch of HR brilliance or a full-on HR extravaganza, the power is in your hands.

Not quite sure about the gaps and risks lurking in your HR landscape?

No Worries!

We've got the ultimate solution to kickstart your journey: our HR X-Ray. It's like a diagnostic tool that assesses your current HR status and reveals the secrets to unlocking your true potential.

Armed with this knowledge, we'll design a fully customised approach to create a robust and compliant people plan that suits your every need.

Workplace Culture

Unleash the Power of Workplace Culture: A Human Agency's Playbook

Are you ready to rock your workplace culture like never before? Look no further, because A Human Agency is here to be your ultimate partner in this electrifying journey. Whether you're looking to reignite your groove or take your culture to soaring new heights, we've got your back.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Igniting Inclusion: A-HA!'s DNA in DEI

Welcome to A-HA!, where inclusion pulses through our veins. We're your go-to partner for all things Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). From mapping workforce data to compliance reporting, enhancing leadership DEI capability to fostering equity for all through sponsorship, we've got the expertise, team, and tools to generate sustainable, quantifiable, scalable DEI impact in your organisation.

Capability & Capacity Advisory

Boosting Your Superpowers: Capability & Capacity Advisory

We're here to unlock your organisation's true potential through our Capability & Capacity Advisory services.

Let's dive into the exciting distinction between capacity and capability because, trust us, it's a game-changer!

Investigation & Mediation

A level of debate or conflict in the workplace is normal; healthy debate and constructive challenging of mainstream thinking even leads to innovation and growth.

But inappropriate workplace behaviours, unresolved grievances and ongoing conflict can lead to stress, anxiety and a toxic workplace culture. 

A Human Agency are at the forefront of the latest research and insights in order to drive change and momentum in businesses.

In our latest white paper, we take a new approach to understanding and tackling inappropriate behaviour in a dynamic and rapidly changing workforce. Download our latest white paper ‘From toxic culture to respect at work: Examining inappropriate behaviour in a modern Australian workforce' 
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We offer an initial, confidential appointment tailored to address your questions and guide you in the right direction, whether you're embarking on a new HR journey or seeking expert advice and guidance on complex workplace issues.

This allows us to learn about your business goals and objectives; and for you to get to know our team and how we can support you to achieve those goals.

Our sessions are designed to:

  • understand your specific questions, covering your current situation, potential challenges in culture, behaviour, performance, diversity or inclusion, and any other concerns you may have.
  • Collaboratively assess your current landscape and outline actionable steps towards meaningful change, providing assurance and support along the way.
  • Most importantly establish a foundation for working together. We want you to feel confident that we are the right HR partner for you, because this is your business’ future you are about to invest in, so we need to get it right. 

We look forward to meeting you.


A-HA connects business and people in order to realise genuine value and worth. We have pioneered a new type of agency which revolutionises the human resource industry through our people, products and insight.


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