Raising The Standards and Redefining HR for Greater Client Success

A note about our brand, in case you're curious!

Our brand is important to us as it helps to tell the story of who we are and what is important to us.

A-HA connects business and people in order to realise genuine value and worth. We have pioneered a new type of agency which revolutionises the human resource industry through our people, products and insight.   Pop artists fueled the ‘what is art?’ debate appropriating images, brands, products of everyday culture. A-HA is fuelling the ‘what is HR?’ conversation.

Pop artists believed everything is interconnected and therefore sought to make those connections literal in their artwork. This relates to the way people live and work ie. everything is interconnected and one core values – CONNECTION.
Pop Art was a movement for the masses - we want to reach the masses with modern HR.
Pop Art was about closing the divide between the high brow gallery and street art.
AHA are closing the gap for the under-represented, underpaid, under- recognised in the workplace and ensuring that it is fair and accessible.

Is A-HA, A Human Agency, the Right HR Partner for Your Business?

At A-HA, A Human Agency, we are deeply committed to helping businesses thrive and succeed by delivering exceptional HR solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our unwavering goal is to provide unparalleled service that goes above and beyond our clients' expectations.

So, when is the best time to work with A-HA?

When your company is ready for a specialized and customized approach to HR that equips you with the tools and confidence to effectively manage your distinct challenges and proactively tackle upcoming obstacles.

We work closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific situation and corporate culture. By collaboratively developing customized solutions and providing implementation support, we ensure that your HR objectives are realized and a strong and inclusive workplace culture is promoted.

We help you cultivate a more supportive and progressive culture in today's ever-changing business climate by giving top priority to your company's objectives of building a safe, positive work environment, supporting and developing diversity and inclusion initiatives and creating plans for highly productive and capable employees.

A-HA offers a diverse range of HR services to meet the unique demands of your company.

Our most sought-after services encompass comprehensive performance management and development, compliance with the Australian employment framework, proficient workplace investigations, mediation services, deep expertise in HR and ER, and seamless employee onboarding.

We prioritize your company's goals of fostering a positive work environment, supporting diversity and inclusion, and enhancing the skills and capabilities of your employees.

To embark on a transformative HR journey with A-HA, A Human Agency, and determine if we are the right fit for your organization, schedule an "AHA moment," exploration session with us today.

The "Real" Big Benefits of Hiring A-HA As Your Virtual HR Management Team

A significant aspect of the role of an HR Manager is to effectively maintain and promote the company culture in a manner that aligns with the business's purpose and values.

When you don't have the capacity for a dedicated HR team, the HR responsibility often falls on senior management and business owners who are primarily focused on the larger aspects of the business' success.

In such cases, A-HA's Virtual HR Team can offer experienced guidance. We begin by conducting an audit of your existing corporate culture and its integration with HR practices. HR isn’t just one simple skill — there are multiple elements within the role that require more specialised knowledge. When you work with A-HA, Instead of hiring one person to do it all, you have access to a team of Virtual HR Managers, who all bring their own skills and expertise to help achieve your outcomes.

Once we understand your situation, together we will identify and implement the right managers to build your new strategies and to assist in optimising your HR processes to create the work environment driven by values and that fosters an inclusive and productive atmosphere.

We Align Our Actions With Our Values

At A Human Agency, our vision is founded on fundamental elements that shape our purpose and direction.   These elements are:

Core reason for being in business: We are here to build Human Friendly Workplaces.  Our vision goes beyond solely making money. We are driven by a deeper purpose that is centred around providing outstanding solutions to pressing problems our clients are facing that sets us apart from others. This core reason for being inspires and motivates us to make a positive impact in your world through our deliberate delivery of HR services.

Core values: We hold a set of core values that serve as guiding principles for our actions and decisions. They define our behaviours, relationships, and interactions with our clients, employees, partners, and stakeholders. Our core values shape our organisational identity and serve as our compass for our actions.

Ambitious yet achievable goals: Our goals are challenging and stretch our capabilities, but they are also realistic and achievable with dedication, effort, and strategic planning. Our goals provide a sense of direction, purpose, and motivation, driving us towards continuous improvement and progress.

Of these three elements, we believe that having great, enduring core values is the most crucial to us and our clients. They serve as our compass, guiding us in times of uncertainty and help us make more effective and ethical choices. Our core values build trust and credibility with our clients and reflect our commitment to integrity, transparency, and excellence in everything we do.


We are inclusive and respectful, honest and real in our conversations; but generous and grateful of everyone’s contribution.  Just like our name says, we are human centred in everything we do.


We think differently about common challenges. We are driven by equity, fairness, social justice and realising everyone’s full potential. We inspire and lead change by unconstrained thinking that catalyses action and outcomes.


We connect business to people, people with their leaders; and deliver value with values. We connect global insights to local practice and innovation with best practice. We make time to connect the dots.


We are entrepreneurs at heart with a serious commercial spine.  We’re in business to make sure that your business thrives and shines. People + profits grow in Human friendly workplaces.


We lead with our head plus heart. Your success is our success. Human friendly workplaces are at the heart of everything we do.


If you think A Human Agency can help you, pick up the phone!

Meet The A-HA Professionals On Our Team

Our team of skilled HR professionals brings a wealth of experience in domestic and international Human Resources across various industries, including Tourism & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Education, Not for Profit, Construction, Infrastructure, Medical and Health Care, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Legal, Finance, The Arts sector, and public sector and government agencies, , among others.

Case Studies: Unpacking Our Client Achievements

"We have worked with A-HA for over 3 years and they have been instrumental in ensuring our compliance with legislation on all matters of HR.

They have also been extremely helpful in assisting us as we grew from a small company of 9 to the 75 strong today with advice and support along the way".

- Orlagh Byram, Business Manager

8 Ways We Stand Apart From the Competition and Better Fit Into Your Business.

We Make Our Services Conveniently Available:

Our virtual HR services are designed to be easy for our clients to access and manage, plus a knowledgeable expert assistance is available when you need them most.

We Embrace and Practice Dependability:

Our clients can count on us to continuously provide high-quality HR services while meeting deadlines and surpassing expectations.

Highest Quality Products and Services:

We provide exceptional HR products and services that are well suited to meet our customers' needs and requirements.

Superior Customer Service Is Not An Option, Its Critical:

Our customers can rely on us to give experienced HR advice and assistance, acting as their trusted advisers in all HR matters and assisting them in making informed decisions that correspond with their company goals and objectives.

We offer creativity and innovative HR solutions

and continuously look for new and more effective ways to solve problems, optimise processes, and provide superior results for our clients.

Consistency of Results:

We are known for consistently creating positive outcomes for our clients and generating measurable outcomes that drive their success.

Knowledgeable about changes in Australian law and compliance regulations:

We remain current on changes in Australian legislation and compliance rules, ensuring that our customers receive accurate and timely HR advice and solutions that comply with the most recent legal requirements.

Long-term Client Relationships:

We value long-term client relationships, which we develop by knowing what they require, offering continuing assistance, and being a trusted partner in their HR journey.

Confidential consultation

We offer an initial, confidential appointment tailored to address your questions and guide you in the right direction, whether you're embarking on a new HR journey or seeking expert advice and guidance on complex workplace issues.

This allows us to learn about your business goals and objectives; and for you to get to know our team and how we can support you to achieve those goals.

Our sessions are designed to:

  • understand your specific questions, covering your current situation, potential challenges in culture, behaviour, performance, diversity or inclusion, and any other concerns you may have.
  • Collaboratively assess your current landscape and outline actionable steps towards meaningful change, providing assurance and support along the way.
  • Most importantly establish a foundation for working together. We want you to feel confident that we are the right HR partner for you, because this is your business’ future you are about to invest in, so we need to get it right. 

We look forward to meeting you.


A-HA connects business and people in order to realise genuine value and worth. We have pioneered a new type of agency which revolutionises the human resource industry through our people, products and insight.


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