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Simon Corcoran Mar 18, 2015

Being Strengths-Based in Dealing with Failure

Everybody fails; even the greats! Madonna taking a tumble during a recent live performance proved that even the most well rehearsed events can go horribly wrong. A wardrobe malfunction saw Madonna pulled down a staircase, crash land on her back, and end up with whiplash. It wasn’t easy to watch but within seconds social media was abuzz with horrifying comments like ‘watching a pensioner fall down stairs’ and it being the ‘funniest thing on TV’. Wh...

Katriina Tahka Mar 13, 2015

Recognising Your Own Achievements - the start to gender equality

“OMG! She’s so amazing!” Over the last week I’ve been involved in numerous International Women’s Day conversations and events. I am really enjoying seeing the celebration of women’s achievements broadening in its reach outside of the usual forums: there are more grassroots level celebrations being held than I’ve seen before, and, most importantly, more men are getting involved! The #heforshe campaign ("A Solidarity Movement for Gen...

Katriina Tahka Feb 26, 2015

What does International Women's Day really mean?

It’s that time of year again! Preparations are well underway in many organisations for International Women's Day (IWD), celebrated globally on the 8th of March each year. Over the years I’ve been to many “women’s” events set out to celebrate women's achievements. Most events have a common theme and a common flow: a panel of super high-powered, potentially intimidating, CV carrying (and shoulder padded) women sharing the ‘secrets’ of how...

Simon Corcoran Feb 20, 2015

Leadership Challenge - Ten Tips: Every Day Employee Engagement Ideas

Have you ever looked across the table at your boss and thought to yourself, "You're an incompetent idiot"? Chances are, we’ve all worked for someone who appears to do absolutely nothing other than make your life hell. I still wonder how it is that people like this get in to such great positions. Perhaps they manage up really well? Maybe they were just in the right place at the right time? One thing is for certain; they usually treat those working with them terribly. Thes...

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