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Katriina Tahka Sep 25, 2015

Firing the big guns at gender equality

The appointment this week of Senator the Honorable Marisa Payne as the Minister of Defence has been the single most exciting and symbolic step towards gender equality that I have seen in a long time. It sends such a loud and irrefutable message about the equal ability of females and males to work and lead in what ever field they are passionate and skilled in. Add to this the Prime Minister's public call for a cultural shift in Australia to become a country that is internatio...

Simon Corcoran Sep 24, 2015

A-HA! Leadership Series Part 2: The Strategist

In Part Two of the A-HA! Leadership Series, we meet The Strategist. Convinced of their own ability yet surrounded only by people who love them. This is the second blog in a six part Leadership Series which draws on Centre for Workplace Leadership 'Bad Bosses' videos. In Part One we met The Perfectionist. Let's see how they compare... Ever worked with a leader who was purely strategic and hated the tactical? Where everything said is future focused, optimistic, imaginative, and ...

Simon Corcoran Sep 15, 2015

Was Tony Abbott performance managed?

Australia has its fifth Prime Minister in less than five years with the rolling of Tony Abbott for Malcolm Turnbull and there are two things we can learn from it; 1) Strong leadership is essential In a recent interview Julie Bishop made it clear that it was her leadership obligation as the Liberal party deputy, to honour the feedback from her colleagues who had lost faith in Abbott as the party leader. She felt it her responsibility to give the feedback to her leader even though...

Simon Corcoran Sep 03, 2015

A-HA! Leadership Series Part 1: The Perfectionist

The Perfectionist - they're conscientious, impatient & afraid to make mistakes... The Centre for Workplace Leadership recently released a series of satirical clips on bad bosses  to show how easy it is to learn bad habits from others. When the actors were pressed to improvise what a good boss did, they said something fascinating, “we can’t improvise that because we’d need to learn it first.” Brilliant insight! So I decided that would share with yo...

Katriina Tahka Aug 27, 2015

The Future of Work is... here!

Predicting the future is something humans have been doing for centuries.   When it comes to work, the future of work is a hot topic that many people are debating. But are we being brave enough in our thinking? A few weeks ago my Co-CEO Simon and I were super excited to join the collective thinking around the Future of Work at the Vivid Ideas festival in Sydney with the lovely folks from the Centre for Workplace Leadership. Ever since then I have been reflecting on the core q...

Katriina Tahka Aug 19, 2015

Consciously cultivate an innovation culture in your business

A-HA! congratulates each of the winning companies named today in the 2015 BRW Most Innovative Companies List.   Companies aspiring to be named on this list will be interested to know that a culture of innovation needs to be consciously cultivated.  This great Infographic from Inventium, the innovation consultants judging the Awards, shows that 85% of the Most Innovative Companies had a formal innovation process in place.   As with all elements of your corpora...

Faye Restall Aug 06, 2015

Who plays Follow the Leader? Why cultivating your followers is a mark of real leadership

We spend so much time developing our leaders - but what about our first followers?  What's a first follower? Picture this - an outdoor music festival, a lone dancer on the hill dancing outrageously with his arms in the air.   Other festival goers sit around watching him, giggling and pointing from the safety of their circles and filming him on their smart phones. Then something happens - someone else gets up and joins him, pats him on the back and starts to dance alongsi...

Katriina Tahka Jul 30, 2015

Making gender equality work for your organisation

A-HA! is proud to have worked with the Centre for Workplace Leadership on the Workplace Gender and Equality Strategy Project. The final report released today provides case studies and deep insights realised from interviews with ten Australian organisations covering different sectors and industries and draws on WGEA's Gender Strategy Toolkit. Whether you are starting out on your diversity journey or have been working hard on achieving gender equality but have now hit a bit of a p...

Faye Restall Jul 14, 2015

Fill your talent pipeline: Ready, Set, Hire!

The Government recently announced a pilot program aimed at subsidising nannies for late night shift workers. This is an exciting first step towards making child care more affordable for many working parents. However, holding the Government back from launching into rebating nannies is how to ensure regulation of this industry and ensure they are from “approved providers”. I thought about how this would affect the industry and all the businesses associated with this in...

Simon Corcoran Jun 02, 2015

Strong change management is the key to unlocking successful unconscious bias programs

Unconscious bias is the must have ‘little black dress’ of the moment. There are countless organisations exploring how it impacts their business, leaders, and key decisions. Unfortunately, most organisations are bundling it with diversity and inclusion efforts only, which isn’t getting the traction they need to sustain it. I was recently invited by the lovely folks at Peoplecorp to deliver a short session on how to embed unconscious bias, so I thought I’d sh...

Simon Corcoran May 07, 2015

Is bravery the best leadership trait?

The wonderful Margie Warrell ( released her book called “Brave – 50 everyday acts of courage to thrive in work, love, and life”. We caught up at a leadership event where Margie was talking about being brave and how it manifests in every part of our lives. It got me thinking. It’s something we were told when we’re afraid of an outcome. It’s deemed a noble trait to have bravery and valour, but so many of us would prefer...

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